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This archive is from the year 2011. All of the photographs you see here were taken with either a Canon Ixus Digital Camera or Nikon D80 Digital SLR.   Each year is catalogued according to events that have occurred or places that have been visited.

All photographs (c) Clive & Caroline Brown 2011.

Chateau at Maintenon

2011 Photographs
26 March - London Eye Easter in France Pat's 70th Birthday
Sweep's Festival Rochester Leybourne Lakes Drayton Manor Weekend
Copenhagen Trip 27 Aug - Visit to Stanwich Lakes Bavaria Trip
20110925 - Christopher's 1st Birthday 20111001 - Rievaulx Abbey October in France
20111113 - Riverside Country Park 20111120 - Leeds Castle 20111126 - Ewan's 4th birthday
20111229 - Arrival of Amelia Brown
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