Bavaria Trip 2011

This archive is from the year 2011. All of the photographs you see here were taken with either a Canon Ixus Digital Camera or Nikon D80 Digital SLR.   Each year is catalogued according to events that have occurred or places that have been visited.

All photographs (c) Clive & Caroline Brown 2011.

Sunset at Weissensee

Cable Car to Zugspitze Summit Weissensee Views Views of the Zugspitze Glacier
Zugspitze Summit Sunset at Weissensee Wieskirche
Oberammagau Neuschwannstein from Road Apartment View
Neuschwannstein Schloss Views Sunrise at Weissensee Tegelbergbahn Views
Fuessen Altstadt Views Forggenseeschifffahrt Lake and Mountain Views
Weissensee Parkplatz Views Sunset 9 September Moonlit Weissensee 9 September
Spot the Tourists
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