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This archive is from the year 2009. All of the photographs you see here were taken with either a Canon Ixus Digital Camera or Nikon D80 Digital SLR.   Each year is catalogued according to events that have occurred or places that have been visited.

All photographs (c) Clive & Caroline Brown 2009, except * (c) Jonathan Hunt 2009.

Strood in the Snow

2009 Photographs
Jim's 70th Birthday February Snow19 Feb - Views of Ypres
19 Feb - Bruges by Night 20 Feb - Ghent8 March - Visit of Nicola, Jonathan & Robert
12 April - Easter Sunday 24 May Visit of Stephen, Nicola and Ewan31 May Walmer Castle
22 May Jean Michel Jarre (Phone!) 23 June Bluewater Nature Trail24 June Leybourne Lakes
28 June Visit to the Roman Fort at Richborough 4 July Skipton - Canal side4 July - Bolton Abbey, Wharfedale
5 July - Visit to Stephen & Nicola 5 July - Stephen's Photos6 July - Nicola & Robert
18 July - Visit to Kenilworth Castle 18 July - Eddy's 65th BBQ9 August - A day with Granddad and Grandma
9 August - A trip to Bluewater 16 August - Ewan at a Wedding16 August Downe House
31 August - A Visit to Nicola and JonathanSept - Germany, Austria and France26 Sept Christina and Marco Wedding
20 Sept - Eltham PalaceFrance in October7 Nov - Family Visit
22 Nov - Robert's 1st Birthday Party28 Nov - Ewan's 2nd Birthday Party25 Dec - Christmas Day
31 December - Visit to Stephen and Nicola
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